We are delighted to announce the launch of www.mycoachstation.com. MyCoachStation is where you start your journey into personal development. Pay us a small fare, and we’ll take you to your destination, and we guarantee a comfortable ride, plenty to see and will get you there on time. We know how important it is to invest in yourself if you want to have success. We’re making it really easy for you by developing a simple to use, highly effective training and coaching station, where you can choose the journey you want and get to the destination you need, in the time you desire.

We have had a number of enquiries about more “traditional” training offerings. This is coupled with our strategy to offer all our courses and programmes online, which we in the process of developing.  We, therefore, took the strategic decision to launch this new exciting brand. All courses will be run face to face before developing an innovative online version which utilises some of the best technology available. 

Why not check out the site for yourself, at http://www.mycoachstation.com. Whilst this is a fully functioning site, it is a temporary one until our fully responsive site is built.

networking training

The Art of Networking


There you can already book onto our first face to face course, The Art of Networking – How to grow your business, with people you know, like and trust. This will also be our first online course. We developed this having run 3 successful pilot sessions for the Norfolk Chamber of Commerce. The course is ideal for anyone wanting to improve their networking skills or the thought of networking fills them with dread. It has proved popular already with the first course nearly sold out in a little over a week. It has priced popular with young professionals and entrepreneurs all looking to get more business through awesome networking. 

The are also courses available in Understanding Finance and Time Management. Please check out our Destination Training page for more information.


You can also book and pay for a virtual 50-minute coaching session directly from the site by visiting our Destination Coaching page. Coaching is a great way to unlock your potential or overcome a challenge. Ian Hacon is an ILM qualified coach and has performed many tokens at the highest levels so has been in your shoes.