Purpose and Values

Teamwork: What is a TRIBE and how to STRENGTHEN it!

What is a Tribe?


A tribe is a large family or another group that someone belongs to, however it is wider than you might think, as it’s also about how your build and manage the relationships within this unit.


Our ability to build and retain strong social ties is a fundamental part of our wellbeing.


According to […]

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Mindfulness: What is HEADSPACE and how can we CONTROL it?

What is Headspace?


The dictionary describes Headspace as a person’s state of mind or mindset, however, we at Yellow Brick Road define it as;

“The ability to enable and understand how to control our thoughts and feelings to affect their impact on either ourselves or others.” 


Why is Headspace so important?


Despite technologic advances making our life […]

MAKING A STAND – Ironman in the Office for Ian Hacon

Today on “On Your Feet Britain day” (See below), Ian Hacon, CEO and Founder of Yellow Brick Road, has pledged to MAKE A STAND by conducting an in-work fundraiser in the form of an Ironman (consisting of a 2.4-mile (3,900m) swim, a 112-mile (180 km) bicycle ride and a marathon 26.2-mile (42 km) run), all […]

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Purpose – Do you REALLY know what your PURPOSE is?

Have your ever asked yourself “Why do I exist?”  It is an extremely important question to ask ourselves as we go through life, in order to determine our purpose, and to evaluate our actions towards this.


Why is personal purpose important?


Gandhi’s famous quote “Be the change you want to see in the world” epitomised the […]

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Time Management – Why doing what’s IMPORTANT is better than what’s URGENT

Are you struggling with time management, and to fit all of your work-related tasks into your working day?
Are you finding yourself regularly taking work home from the office, and even working evenings and weekends to try and catch up?

With changing technology and the pressure to compete and succeed (especially in leadership, management, and higher […]

How to become a more organised entrepreneur

Do you ever feel that you are overloaded with work?  Don’t know how to go about reducing that big pile of stuff; which has been building up for days, weeks, or even months?  Want to become more organised? 

Top 10 Tips

Maybe it’s about time that you conquered that ‘Mount Everest’ of tasks and paperwork with […]

Do you lead well?

If you want to lead well, ask yourself these questions;

Am I the best leader I can be?
Am I behaving like the best leader I can be?
Am I enabling myself to behave like be the best leader I can be?

The three questions are clearly linked, we cannot be the best if we […]

Knowing When to Scale – 2 became 5

At Yellow Brick Road, we’ve just grown from “2 of us” to “5 of us”, and we’re not stopping there, it’s just the start of our scaling phase. We have just reached that point that Geoffrey Moore describes a “crossing the chasm”. For the first year and bit of Yellow Brick Road’s life, it […]

How I ended up on the Yellow Brick Road by Stuart Sayer

Having joined forces with wellbeing expert Ian Hacon I’m delighted to write a ‘Mindset’ blog for inclusion in the Yellow Brick Road newsletter and blog.

I’ve specialised in the provision of sales management, mindset training, and leadership coaching for many years and I’m happy to share a few thoughts and experiences from my own journey […]

The Man Who Wore Red Shoes

A fable with a strong link to a Christmas Classic!
Dorian Gale was a CEO who was taken in by two brothers, Emerson (Em for short) and Henry to lead their family company Kansas Farms, in Norfolk in the 00’s. Em and Henry had inherited the original farm from their father, Clive. All those years […]

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