Mindfulness and Headspace

Thriving at Work – The Stevenson Farmer Review of mental health and employers: What you need to know and what we think about it.

Last week saw the release of the much-anticipated Stephenson Farmer Review ‘Thriving at Work’, a review of mental health for employers.
What were the key findings?
The study concludes that underneath the stigma that surrounds mental health and prevents open discussion on the subject, the UK faces a significant mental health challenge at work.

300,000 people with […]

Mindfulness: What is HEADSPACE and how can we CONTROL it?

What is Headspace?


The dictionary describes Headspace as a person’s state of mind or mindset, however, we at Yellow Brick Road define it as;

“The ability to enable and understand how to control our thoughts and feelings to affect their impact on either ourselves or others.” 


Why is Headspace so important?


Despite technologic advances making our life […]

Controlling technology – Modern Life is Rubbish

Modern life is Rubbish as well as being the title of the 1991 Blur album, is a great way to frame how technology is playing havoc with our lives. It does have lots of great plus points, and not many of us would actually be without it, but it is having some serious impact […]

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Top 10 Tips for Wellbeing

Here’s a video on Facebook, of our Founder, Ian Hacon, talking about the Top 10 Tips of Wellbeing at a recent event he spoke at, this is also a valuable insight into our Finding Yourself Programme

We hope you enjoy it!

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