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Vodafone – have you lost the plot?

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about my customer experience at my doctor’s surgery. That article was all about a very good experience, with what, I believe is, a progressive GP practice. Its theme was about small improvements in the customer journey. In contrast, this week is about Vodafone, and it’s not […]

Is Loneliness Killing your Business?

By the time this blog is published I will have presented at an event hosted by Santander on the subject of how loneliness is crippling businesses. Yes, that’s right, loneliness, you never see that on a Business survey do you? Ask a business owner what’s holding them back, they will usually say, lack of good […]

Don’t worry about the customer, right?

I had cause to go to the doctors the other day, the outcome was we agreed to have some blood tests. Before I go on, I’d like to just emphasize that I actually love my Doctors’ surgery. The doctors and nurses are all fab, and it’s right next door to my office! You’ll also see […]

Lead on Purpose & maybe make 14 times more money

This week I have been working on a couple of proposal for a client, one was around customer service training for a specific division of their business, the other to support the development of the “Rising Stars”, leaders who show promise for the future. The interesting thing was although the scopes are completely different, the […]

Leadership Lesson from the Land of Oz – How Dorothy Found her Mojo in her Tribe

When I talk to my clients about leadership, I usually refer to teams as tribes. I talk to them about making sure they have Mojo in that tribe to keep the tribe thriving. Given that my company name, Yellow Brick Road, comes from The Wizard of Oz, I thought I would base this article […]

Disruption Start with you

There’s a lot of talk about disruption out there, and indeed, at Bite The Cherry we are helping many such businesses.
True disruption changes markets forever, taking on traditional industries and really changing the way we interact with them or what the core products are within them. Über is a well-used example, the largest taxi […]

Effectiveness – Saying NO

In his seminal book The Effective Executive, Peter Drucker introduced us to the notion of “Efficiency is doing the thing right. Effectiveness is doing the right thing.”

In today’s modern life full of too much “Busyness” and not enough Business this is more relevant than ever.
Effectiveness – Saying NO
One aspect of this is learning to […]

Can Higher Purpose Help Your Team Survive and Thrive?

According to Twitter, yes it does.

Read this interesting article written by Brad Wolfe and published by Greater Good at Berkeley for more information

This ties directly into two key elements of our learning;

Firstly understanding our own purpose which is the very first element of our Creating Leadership ViTALiTi Programme – Vision.

Secondly, our Corporate Creating Purpose […]

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Merry Christmas and thank you for completing the survey and helping vulnerable people in Norfolk

Thank you for clicking the link this Christmas, in return for completing the survey below, we will donate 25p to The Norfolk Community Foundation Future Fund on your behalf (note we will make a maximum donation of £200 in addition to our monthly donation we already make). This important fund helps small Norfolk Charities […]

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Meaning, Pleasure and Skills

I recently delivered a speech to 6th Formers at one of our local Academies. When I finished the speech I realised that the whole thing was just as relevant to people in business as it was students. I did a bit of career advice, but if you know me, you would know I didn’t do […]

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