Leaders’ Journey Club;

We are all on a journey, but sometimes as a leader, it can be lonely, isolated and a bit scary. The truth is though, there are lots of other leaders out there that are going through almost exactly the same challenges as you. The Leaders’ Journey Club is a way for you to share your experiences with a group of leaders from a variety of industries, and work together to find solutions that work for your business.

Leaders’ Journey Club is a monthly club of like-minded leaders (no more than 12) who want to develop their business and their own skills to achieve all their business and personal goals in a confidential and safe environment.

The group is expertly chaired by Yellow Brick Road Founder and Chief Dorothy, Ian Hacon. As well as being an expert facilitator, Ian brings with him years of experience at CEO and board level. He is also a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, a Non-Executive Director and of course an expert in our core subject areas of Purpose and strategy, leadership and wellbeing.  His relaxed amenable style will ensure the group thrives.

The group consists of one full day together per month. The group will choose how the day is structured and indeed the direction of travel but is envisaged that most months consists of 4-hours learning on a key area plus 4-hour peer-facilitated discussion on issues.

In addition to the day together, each delegate can also receive a 2-hour one to one coaching during each month and access to our dedicated online channel to share ideas.

How are we different to other groups?

We are completely independent so our group can decide exactly how the group will run.

We limit group sizes to 12 only.

Our speakers are researched and selected from a crop new thinkers who want to challenge the status quo and leave our leaders a little shaken (in a good way).

Because we are independent, we can provide our group at a far more valuable price. We don’t have a big corporation behind us taking a cut of the fees.


There are no long tie in terms with this group, you can join or leave anytime you like. We also don’t want you paying for services you do not need so offer this simple pricing policy;

  • Leaders Journey Club monthly meeting only – £400 plus VAT per month
  • 2 hours Executive Coaching only – £400 plus VAT per month
  • Leaders Journey Club plus Executive Coaching – £600 plus VAT per month

To be considered to join this group, please contact Ian on 07733 265953 or ian.hacon@yellowbrickroad.co.uk

Remember, we are only accepting 12 leaders, so act now.