We can provide bespoke coaching and Mentoring support to individuals and teams. All our coaches are either Level 5 or Level 7 ILM qualified coaches. We work at the clients pace, but are prepared to offer the appropriate amount of both challenge and support to enable the client to reach their goals.

Five ways that a coach can help you. A good coach helps you…

  1. Define your current reality by helping you consider – What is my present situation? Where am I headed?
  2. Clarify your vision and goals. Many people continually react to their current reality rather than living and working with purpose. A coach first leads you to define what success looks like so you can set goals toward achieving it.
  3. Identify roadblocks to your vision. This requires that you acknowledge and address areas of comfort and familiarity that are commonly overlooked as barriers to your success.
  4. Test your thinking, opinions, conclusions, and behavior. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut – doing the same things and thinking the same way while expecting different results.
  5. Establish accountability by helping you evaluate – Am I making progress? Am I growing? Am I accomplishing my vision? Many get off track because they confuse intent or busyness with progress. A coach helps you accomplish what you set out to accomplish.

So who are you allowing to coach you – to ask you the tough questions on a regular basis?

We charge a fixed fee per session based on up to 2 hours per session plus travel costs, which includes reasonable ad-hock support email and telephone support between meetings. We can provide this support either locally to you or remotely using Skype. However, We will want to have at least one face to face session before moving to Skype.

All our coaching practice is monitored by a third party coaching organisation. All our coaches attend regular Continuing Professional Development to keep up to date with the latest coaching practice.

Why Choose Us

      • Ground-breaking and innovative product
      • Years of real business leadership experience (we’ve been in your shoes)
      • Qualified specialists on hand throughout the journey
      • We’re adaptable and flexible and always searching out new ways and ideas
      • We’re just really nice honest, honourable people trying to help

What People think of us

During my coaching sessions with Ian I was quite nervous and wondered how to explain what it was I aimed to achieve from the coaching. It quickly became clear that Ian was very patient, which in turn helped me explain my need for coaching. Ian devised different techniques so I could demonstrate what it was I wanted the coaching sessions to help me with. My main goal from the coaching sessions was to become more confident and eventually get the promotion I had wanted. After only the first 2 coaching sessions, my line manager had received comments from other managers within the company saying they had seen a difference in me already, which only further boasted my confidence. After a couple more coaching sessions I felt confident and happy enough to pursue the promotion I wanted, and I’m pleased to say I have indeed now been promoted as I had hoped. I am certain this would not have happened without the help, guidance, advise and ideas that Ian gave me, all for which I am very grateful.
‘Ian coaches in a way which has made me question my established way of working and interacting with colleagues, this has allowed me to start to develop strategies and thought processes that I hope will benefit my career in the long term’ .
Ian is an innovative and positive coach – always seeking solutions and ways to be helpful and constructive. He is a pleasure to work with as he is very down to earth and approachable and also very generous with his time. I can’t recommend him highly enough to anyone who is seeking coaching to give a fresh approach.
Aileen Morrison, Seeking employment, Norwich