Tuesday 20th January 2015 saw Yellow Brick Road travel to London to deliver the first Creating Leadership ViTALiTi Masterclass of 2015.The one-day Masterclass enabled delegates to experience an insight into the full Creating Leadership ViTALiTi Programme, which would usually be delivered over five days. Although all our delegates attending the January Masterclass were in business managerial roles anyone seeking to understand their own core values and embark on a journey of personal development would be able to engage with the content. One delegate commented, “Everyone would benefit from this course as it makes you get below the surface on a huge range of topics and brings them together in a way that I haven’t seen before while still being very accessible.”

In preparation for the Masterclass, delegates were invited to complete the ViTALSigns Wellbeing Survey, which is designed to provide a brief look at the wellbeing of individuals. At the beginning of the Masterclass, each delegate was given a copy of their personalised survey results, comparing them to their peers. The survey itself had already highlighted that London respondents had noticeable lower wellbeing scores that those for elsewhere in UK. Each topic covered by the Masterclass corresponds to a section of the delegates survey results so that they can be referred back to throughout the day.

January’s Masterclass saw three delegates embark on their own personal journey down The Wizard of Oz’s famous Yellow Brick Road. We began the day with the creation of personal mantras, designed to make the delegates reflect on where their journey so far has taken them. For one delegate, this task of vision setting was the best aspect of the course: “It made me wonder why I have three businesses and only one of them is aligned with my vision.” These mantras are not designed to be a criticism, but rather one more tool the delegates could draw on during the course of the day and, more importantly, on their continued journey. We cannot change what has happened in the past because, unsurprisingly, it has already happened. However, we can draw on our own past to create future history. We hope that, throughout the course of the Masterclass, delegates not only created but also invested in a Personal Action Plan – their future. This action plan can be thought of as their guide to overcoming the dangers of travelling down the Yellow Brick Road. As Nietzsche said, “the future influences the present, just as much as the past.”

During the course of the delegate’s Masterclass journey, they encountered the eight different stages of Leadership ViTALiTi, in addition to exploring the topics of Sleep and Rest and Effectiveness. One delegate describes the notion of ViTALiTi as “centring around the context of personal wellbeing and wealth. This is unique and is the USP.” Yellow Brick Road’s interpretation of ViTALiTi is given below:

Vision                          Being at one with your higher purpose and meaning in life, being in ‘flow’

imagination              Understanding one’s ability to solve problems and achieve results from within

Thoughtfulness       Creating headspace to enable and understand the importance of clarity of thought

Agility                          Understanding of and being physically fit enough to face life’s challenges, have energy to get through the day              

Learned                       Desire, aptitude and control one’s emotions and feelings

intuition                      The ability to understand and control one’s emotion

Team Player              The ability to engage with others

ingestion                     Having an eating regime to support physical, thinking and emotional needs.

By the end of the day, the delegates left with a completed Personal Action Plan having made new mantras for continuing on their own personal Yellow Brick Road journey. As with the previous Masterclass (November 2014), we hope that the delegates have been given the opportunity to identify the potential goblins and gremlins but have left with equipped with the tools to overcome them along their journey.

The next Masterclass in Norwich will take place on Tuesday 28th April and the next Masterclass in London will take place on Tuesday 21st April. Please note, venues for both are to be confirmed.