Lead Well is a results-orientated programme; proven to help create personal success in life and the workplace for professional business people.
What is it?
A 12-week programme for leaders and aspiring leaders who want to be at the very top of their game by going beyond their current limits. As a participant, you will achieve this by focussing on your own wellbeing first, and then your tribe (or team). The programme helps you develop and “Lead Well” by being well yourself.
Who is it for?
The programme is for anyone who feels that he or she is not at his or her full potential. Whether they are already leaders or aspiring leaders, this programme will help rapidly accelerate their success. The 12-week intensity of this programme means delegates need to be fully committed to getting positive outcomes for themselves. In return, we guarantee they major improvements.
"These sessions were delivered in expert style, but in a way which made you at ease to open up, discuss experiences, stories, and goals. I can’t quite do the series justice but would go as far as to say that it should be an absolute must for any organisation of any size which wishes to develop themselves and their teams."       
Ben Stone, Founder, Anchorage Trust

"I recommend this course and would like to see companies engage Ian to deliver his methodology to their employees in the workplace.”

Nicole Kennedy, CEO, and Owner, Nature’s Routes Ltd

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