Our LEAD WELL programme has been running for a while now and it has been in high demand!

LEAD WELL is a results-orientated programme; proven to help create personal success in life and the workplace and Lead Well. It is a 12-week programme for leaders and aspiring leaders who want to be at the very top of their game by going beyond their current limits.

As a participant, you achieve this by focussing on your own wellbeing first, and then your tribe (or team). The programme helps you develop and “Lead Well” by being well yourself.

The main programme runs over an intensive 12-week period and consists of sessions on the following subjects every two weeks: Time, Eat & Move, Sleep, Purpose, Grit, Headspace and Tribe.

Find out more about the LEAD WELL programme (who it’s for and how it works, including the peer to peer support that we provide) by visiting our website.

A personal account of the programme by Serena Fordham

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what a successful Entrepreneur said about the LEAD WELL programme.

One of the programme participants was Serena Fordham, the CEO and Founder of Serena Fordham Enterprises Limited (trading as Glow Virtual Assistants, Her Business Brew and An Hour or So), and Serena has agreed to share her thoughts on how the programme has helped her and her businesses:

  • Glow Virtual Assistants offers professional virtual assistant services;
  • Her Business Brew provides an environment for “fun and friendly networking with a lovely bunch of ladies”; and
  • An Hour Or So is an initiative to benefit local businesses and charities by local businesses give an hour of their services in exchange for a charitable donation.

Serena enrolled on the May 2017 Lead Well programme, and since then has noticed some valuable outcomes that have improved her leadership skills and assisted her in growing and expanding her businesses.

The principal outcomes for Serena are summarised below.

Time management

“Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things”; Peter F Drucker.

“Effective leadership is putting first things first. Effective management is discipline, carrying it out”; Stephen Covey.

Saying NO was the most important lesson learned with regards to time management as now I have said no to certain commitments which were not necessarily right for me and my businesses at that time. I am now being more effective by doing the right things and ensuring they are put first. This now means I have more time to concentrate on growing my businesses and, importantly, to focus on my own development.


Regular physical activity can improve your muscle strength, boost your endurance and help clear the mind! Exercise delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and helps your cardiovascular system work more efficiently. And when your heart and lung health improve, you have more energy to tackle daily tasks.

I still wouldn’t say I will be completing a marathon any time soon, however, I try and walk my dog more regularly (especially in order to take breaks in my working day!) and I am more mindful of walking places rather than driving – my daughter having just started school – I walk her to and from school daily rather than jumping in the car, which is better for both of us! The exercise definitely helps to freshen the mind and keep me feeling generally fitter and more energised.


According to the US National Sleep Foundation, working age adults need 7 to 9 hours sleep a night, however according to The Sleep council’s 2013 report, 40% of Brits get 6 hours or less sleep a night, meaning a minimum shortfall of 1 to 3 hours per night!

Even though I do sneak in the occasional late working evening (as I identified that my optimum concentration time is later in the day – I am a night owl!), I try and finish working by 9pm, to give myself at least an hour of rest time before I go to bed, which has led to me falling asleep quicker and sleeping for longer without waking regularly during the night.

Also, during the hour of downtime before bed, I jot down my thoughts and ideas so I am able to go to bed without things on my mind!


A tribe is a large family or another group that someone belongs to, however it is wider than you might think, as it’s also about how your build and manage the relationships within this unit.

Our ability to build and retain strong social ties is a fundamental part of our wellbeing.

According to a 30-year longitudinal study involving more than 12,000 people who were all part of an interconnected network, Harvard researchers found that the odds that any one individual in the network would be happy increased by 15% if someone they were directly connected to in the network were happy. Further, if a direct connection’s friend was happy, the direct connection’s happiness increased by 15% and the original individual’s happiness increased by 10%, even though that person had no direct interaction with, or in many cases did not personally know the direct connection’s friend.

Since completing the Lead Well programme, I have registered my business as a limited company and employed 8 staff. Not too bad!


According to researcher Patrick Hill, having a purpose can add years to your life, as it:

  • Gives you focus
  • Improves energy levels, and
  • Leads to better wellbeing

A study of over 9,000 English people with an average age of 65 used questionnaires to measure a type of wellbeing called ‘eudemonic wellbeing’, which relates to your sense of control, feeling that what you do is worthwhile, and your sense of purpose in life.

The research showed that those in the high category of eudemonic wellbeing were 30% more likely to live longer than those in the low category.

During the course, I defined my personal purpose as helping others to succeed and raising funds and volunteering my time to charities close to my heart.  Due to this, the mission statement that developed for Serena Fordham Enterprises Limited was ‘Supporting Business and Charity’, and the tagline for Glow Virtual Assistants developed to become “Supporting your business to shine”.


Basically, I would like to emphasise how amazing the LEAD WELL programme was. It was initially recommended to me and I can certainly see why!  I have doubled my staff, increased turnover by 100% and freed up time to spend with my family and the other things that are important to me! Better wellbeing all round!

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