Is Loneliness Killing your Business?

By the time this blog is published I will have presented at an event hosted by Santander on the subject of how loneliness is crippling businesses. Yes, that’s right, loneliness, you never see that on a Business survey do you? Ask a business owner what’s holding them back, they will usually say, lack of good […]

Resilience – Overcoming my hardest challenge yet

On Sunday the 4th of September, I took on my hardest challenge yet, that would draw on all my resilience and training, the World Long Distance Duathlon Champs, in Zofingen, Switzerland. Competing for the 3rd time for my country was an absolute honour. This was the first time I did so at a world […]

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Don’t worry about the customer, right?

I had cause to go to the doctors the other day, the outcome was we agreed to have some blood tests. Before I go on, I’d like to just emphasize that I actually love my Doctors’ surgery. The doctors and nurses are all fab, and it’s right next door to my office! You’ll also see […]

Lead on Purpose & maybe make 14 times more money

This week I have been working on a couple of proposal for a client, one was around customer service training for a specific division of their business, the other to support the development of the “Rising Stars”, leaders who show promise for the future. The interesting thing was although the scopes are completely different, the […]

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Quick and easy exercises for the office, by guest blogger, Floyd Sayers of Flomotion Studio

This article is written by friend of Yellow Brick Road and fellow wellbeing crusader, Floyd Sayers, who is the founder of Flomotion Studio in Norwich. They provide excellent stand up desks, but also provide the holistic support to get you moving the right way at work to get the maximum return on your investment.

In […]

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Stop Being Sedentary – why getting off your backside at work is so good for you

According to the awesome Tom Rath top wellbeing researcher at Gallup-Healthways and author of Eat Move Sleep and Are you fully Charged, being sedentary is one of the biggest threats to our wellbeing, especially for those in an office environment.

According to a 2014 study by the Mayo Clinic, just 2-hours sitting undoes 20 minutes of […]

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Top 10 Tips for Wellbeing

Here’s a video on Facebook, of our Founder, Ian Hacon, talking about the Top 10 Tips of Wellbeing at a recent event he spoke at, this is also a valuable insight into our Finding Yourself Programme

We hope you enjoy it!

Ian Hacon take High Flying Role!

Ian Hacon, Founder of Yellow Brick Road, has taken up an exciting role as Director of Corporate Affairs and Hospitality for the 4-day Ari Festival Event, planned for June 2017 in Great Yarmouth.

The role, which is part time and incorporated into Ian’s existing routine, is designed to help other organisations maximise their exposure over […]

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Leadership Lesson from the Land of Oz – How Dorothy Found her Mojo in her Tribe

When I talk to my clients about leadership, I usually refer to teams as tribes. I talk to them about making sure they have Mojo in that tribe to keep the tribe thriving. Given that my company name, Yellow Brick Road, comes from The Wizard of Oz, I thought I would base this article […]

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It’s TeamGB Again, this time Duathlon, for Ian Hacon

‘Team GB dream continues for local entrepreneur and Triathlete’

Local Entrepreneur competes for Team GB in the European Long Distance Duathlon Championships

Ian Hacon, Founder of Yellow Brick Road and Immediate Past President of the Norfolk Chamber of Commerce, competes for Team GB on Sunday the 8th of May in the European Long Distance Duathlon Championships, […]

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