At Yellow Brick Road, we’ve just grown from “2 of us” to “5 of us”, and we’re not stopping there, it’s just the start of our scaling phase. We have just reached that point that Geoffrey Moore describes a “crossing the chasm”. For the first year and bit of Yellow Brick Road’s life, it was just me, and I was ducking and diving every month to just survive and pay the mortgage. That’s not an unusual start for many startups, not least one described by one of my most prestigious and forward thinking clients as “A brilliant idea, just two years ahead of the market being ready for it!”. Taking a leaf out of Tim Ferriss’ book (quite literally straight out of 4 Hour Working week, 12 months ago I recruited a Virtual Assistant, Carlo, from the Philippines so I could continue to work on the business as well as in it. This allowed me to continue to iterate what we do and thankfully, the market is now ready to listen, and we are getting real traction in what we do, and more importantly WHY we do it.

John Burroughes talks eloquently here about how to grow your team via the cofounder route and indeed that’s also how we are growing Bite the Cherry (the business I am a cofounder of with John).

Now it’s Yellow Brick Road’s turn

We’re stepping up our purpose to be about improving lives and businesses by improving Prosperity through productivity, wellbeing and purpose. You might not see it written like that again, because of course like any great Startup (yes I still consider us a Startup as we have yet to fully develop our scalable repeatable business model), we are currently iterating that purpose and the way we support it by conducting some rich face to face customer research. We do of course believe we can make a real difference. To get there we need to build a team that can deliver on our purpose. That’s why today, I’m delighted to announce 2 became 5. The first of the 5 is Stuart Sayer, who joins as a cofounder, we’re really lucky to have him, he’s an expert in the area of mindset, a key component of our current offerings and really is the best out there at understanding client needs. I’ll let Stuart tell you his story here. Secondly, I am delighted and lucky to welcome Mark Burns, someone I’ve known as a friend since college and is an expert in Change Management. He’s spent a lot of time in the Public Sector, from housing to Councils to health care and social care. He’s helped shape service delivery, focussing by on client outcomes, not bureaucratic process. He, like Stuart, is also personally focussed in looking after his own wellbeing and intimately understands the key drivers that make people thrive. More about Mark to come in the next few weeks.   The final addition is the fabulous Serena Fordham, who’s going to keep us all in check.

What’s next

In the New Year once we have conducted the rest of our rich research we will be recruiting further to the team, we will be looking for subject area experts to partner with us on an associate basis, and further cofounders. Using the principles of Scrum we will be rapidly moving our offers to the next level.

Do you want to be part of the journey?

If you’d like to be part of our journey, as an Associate Expert, Cofounder, client or collaborator, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We would particular like to interview more leaders and HR professionals about the challenges as they see them in their organisation so we can really offer solutions that actually deliver a serious payback and impact on prosperity.

I also hope that behind the “News story” here, you can think about how this type of development of the business model could be incorporated into your business?

Ian Hacon, Founder and Chief Dorothy, Yellow Brick Road