Having joined forces with wellbeing expert Ian Hacon I’m delighted to write a ‘Mindset’ blog for inclusion in the Yellow Brick Road newsletter and blog.

I’ve specialised in the provision of sales management, mindset training, and leadership coaching for many years and I’m happy to share a few thoughts and experiences from my own journey that you may identify with. Without being over-assumptive, I guess you have more than a passing interest in getting the best out of yourself (and your team should you have one) or you probably wouldn’t be here reading this article!

Mindset Development: the importance of WHY…

‘Mindset Development’ can take many different forms – it’s a massive subject and can understandably appear rather daunting! My own journey into this powerful subject began when I was promoted to a National Sales Management role; at that point, I remember thinking ‘I’ve done pretty well so far, however, I need to understand people behaviour even better now I’ve got more responsibility’. I was also mindful of the number of families’ dependant on the results we either achieved as a team or not! By the way, it’s worth pointing out that identifying your personal reason ‘WHY’ you to want to achieve something is very, very important. It’s a key psychological driver towards achieving your future success; when you have enough WHY you’ll always find the HOW!…

No Guarantees – Resilience Required!

I’ll be really open here; around this time in my life, I discovered that creating wonderful sales success did not guarantee happiness in personal relationships. My young wife left me for a farmer nearly twice her age taking our two-year-old son with her. It was heart-breaking and suddenly I needed resilience like never before. Female friends lamented “I can’t believe what she’s done” – and male friends didn’t seem to know what to say apart from “Fancy coming down the pub then?” Now I don’t know about you, but I knew personal resilience wasn’t likely to be found in the bottom of a pint of beer so I usually declined. I didn’t want anyone to take sides and (using a mindset principle) encouraged the people around me to remain as neutral as possible.

The situation I faced was awkward, difficult and confusing. Anyone who has been through a relationship break-up involving children will probably be nodding in agreement! Looking back, this proved to be a watershed moment for me when I realised that more or less everything in my life up to that point had been geared towards achieving some kind of SUCCESS; study at school, pass exams, get further education, get a job, get a motorcycle, do well at work, get promoted, move job, do really well in job, get married, get a house complete with mortgage, have foreign holidays, buy wife a sports car, save for a horse etc. – I’d done all that stuff yet I still found myself on my own and at the time, it felt like FAILURE.

Dealing with Setbacks

Now I figured I needed to be successful dealing with failure. Ouch! Wherever do you go to learn that? That’s when I started reading motivational books such as ‘The Magic of Thinking Big’ and purchased Brian Tracy’s ‘Psychology of Achievement’ audio set. That lit the proverbial blue touch-paper and things started to make an awful lot of sense. I stopped trying to deal with things I couldn’t control in favour of those I could and turned massive disappointment into a more balanced way of doing things.

I started to appreciate events such as divorce (tick), redundancy (tick), the death of a loved one (tick) etc. etc. simply form part of life don’t they? It’s not what happens to us, it’s how we choose to respond to those events that will have us coming out of a tailspin or crash to the ground. That’s where management of our MINDSET comes into play; the top 2% of successful people and top-performers tend to think, act and behave in a different manner to the other 98%. They adopt more beneficial habits and create better outcomes as a result.

Thankfully, I got the natural smile back on my face and started to enjoy life again! The natural order was restored and using another mindset principle I began to attract more of the things into my life that I valued.

Since 2002, I’ve been mentored by some top exponents of psychology-based training and helped provide tuition to thousands, of course, participants. MINDSET management lies at the heart of helping individuals and organisations to do better at work and in life. As The Fun Boy Three with Bananarama kindly pointed out back in the ¬¬¬eighties: “It Ain’t What You Do (It’s The Way That You Do It)” – strangely enough, that’s another important mindset principle – and one I typically reference on a course programme.

I love helping people to generate better results for themselves in areas such as Leadership, Management, Marketing, Manufacturing, Sales, Production, Distribution, Customer Service, Engineering, Maintenance, Call Centre and lots of other functions. Clients have come from many sectors such as local government, charities, prisons, hospitals and numerous commercial organisations including financial services, publishing, pharmaceuticals, energy, oil and gas, accountancy and the legal sector.


The people development solutions provided have positively impacted areas such as, Human Behaviour, Focus, Self-belief, Confidence, Spotting Opportunities, Problem Solving, Innovation, Creativity, Employee Engagement, Resilience, Clarity & Vision, Goal Setting & Achievement, New Challenges, Communication, Cooperation, Improving Performance, Sustaining Performance, Fulfilment – and now with Yellow Brick Road, specialising in Wellbeing too.

What Now?

These days, I seek to continue my personally learning and enjoy sharing lots of rich, mentally-nutritious tips and methodologies within the MINDSET, LEADERSHIP and WELLBEING development programmes we deliver. Going forward, clients who choose to engage with Yellow Brick Road can look forward to benefiting from that service.

Free Helpful Tip:

Whatever you’re aiming to do, remember the quality of your results can never exceed the quality of your thinking!

Stuart Sayer, Co-Founder, Yellow Brick Road Solutions Ltd.

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