There’s a lot of talk about disruption out there, and indeed, at Bite The Cherry we are helping many such businesses.

True disruption changes markets forever, taking on traditional industries and really changing the way we interact with them or what the core products are within them. Über is a well-used example, the largest taxi company in the world, that does not own a single taxi. Locally here in Norwich our Titan of the finance world Aviva is working so hard to keep up with the disruptive agile businesses that start up on a daily basis and chisel away at they core markets. A few years ago that industry seemed threatened by supermarkets, but now it’s Fintech businesses. It’s pleasing to see Norwich has its fair share of these too.

However, and getting back to my point, I think the real challenge for any business, let alone a disruptive one, is the resilience, grit, and determination of the leader. Without it, the business has a high degree of risk of being one of the many small businesses in the UK that fail in the first 2 years.

Believe me, I have just been building my own disruptive startup in the last 2 years (Yellow Brick Road), have been helping grow another (ACS Consulting) and just joined one (Bite the Cherry), which has actually been iterated dozens of times over the last 6 years, before it found it’s sweet spot. So I know what I’m talking about.

It’s hard, it’s bloody hard.

Even  someone who actually teaches people about wellbeing and resilience has had some really dark moment in the last two years. Being doubted by people around you, being told to get a job, being stressed about where the mortgage is coming from this month and selling everything you can get your hands on and going to the bank of Dad for handouts, it all takes its toll. But I had a clear purpose of what I wanted to do – help people and their business thrive. Help them create future history. And I survived it, I now have a business that is growing strongly and has help so many people along the way. My inner determination is key to this.

Ian Hacon competing in Ironman UK 2015

Ian Hacon competing in Ironman UK 2015

It’s the same grit I pull out when I’m completely lost in the latter started off an Ironman, I dig deep, I ignore the noise and I get on.

I haven’t done it alone, though, I’ve had quite a few people looking out for me, offering me coaching and advice. A great coach is invaluable in your journey, I happen to be blessed with having 4 or 5! You also need to look after your body and Mind’s fundamentals. You need enough sleep, nutrition, exercise and mental capacity to deal with it all. It’s much easier to get that all sorted before you start! Once you’re there you will find every reason not to put yourself first, which will ultimately kick your business and you in the teeth and could bring it all tumbling down. On the other hand, with that strength of body and mind, your startup could be the next Über.