Our Purpose and Mission

Our Purpose: Energising People

We at Yellow Brick Road are on a mission, to energise as many people as we can. There is an epidemic of poor health, affecting people’s lives across the world, it’s causing misery, straining our health care systems, and causing big productivity problems in the workplace. This is exacerbated by poor engagement generally. Many employees just do not enjoy the work they do. This is not OK.

We believe everyone should be energised to do great work. We believe we can make a serious dent in this with our work. We are energised people, who want to energise people.

Our Mission: To Energise 10 million people

To support our Purpose we have Mission to support it. Our big hairy audacious goal To Energise 10 million people”.

We will do this by working in our key areas of expertise, the areas we believe will have the most impact on this mission:


Hitting the Sweet Spot



Organisations often lack a clear purpose, they are clear on what they do and usually how they do it. To truly be the organisation they strive to be, they must articulate a clear purpose, a reason why they do what they do. What difference does this make to society and why should we care. This is not only fundamental to customers and other stakeholders, it’s also absolutely key to employee engagement.

Once defined a clear purpose will be a fundamental building block on which strategies can be developed.


We believe that the wellbeing of the leaders and their tribes is fundamental to the success of that organisation. The evidence to support this hypothesis is simply unquestionable. Yet, many organisations continue to ignore this simple but effective tool. By helping their tribes with the fundamentals of understanding how eating the right things, moving more, sleeping well, managing grit and resilience and having the headspace to get through the day, they can rapidly improve the business performance and improve the lives of their employees at the same time.


The world needs better leaders. Many leaders are promoted into roles without the requisite skills and experience, which in turn affects their and the organisation’s performance. We believe the core skills of leading oneself, leading one’s tribe and leading one’s organisation can be considerably enhanced by focussing on the skills of the leader.

The Sweet Spot

We believe there is a sweet spot, which we have evidenced in the clients that have worked on the three areas and Purpose, wellbeing and leadership. We have seen transformational change in our clients at both a personal and organisational level.


Our Client Methodology

Immersive Client Relationships

If you are looking for sheep dip training, a quick two days to sort out your teams, that’s not us. We believe that the only way to make lasting change is to work long-term with a client to help deliver real outcomes that last. That is why you will see we serve on the boards of a number of our clients, and many of our clients have been through almost all of our programmes, and are now placing more of the team on them.

Pull not Push

We believe our interventions should always be client led. Yes, of course, we will challenge and prod at the appropriate moments, but our interventions are designed to make you think, to make you challenge you status quo and then we are there to help you get where you feel you need to go.


We believe that all training and consultancy must be supported with an environment to give it the best chance of success. This includes peer to peer support with other clients, one to one coaching and mentoring and access to our own online resources.


Our Values

Create Future History – inspiring all in our tribe and the people we work with to really think about what they are doing at this moment to make a lasting impression and change. Are you Creating Future History right now?

Build thriving tribes, not teams – everyone who is part of Yellow Brick Road is part of our close-knit group, not disparate teams working in silos, this includes our customers, our own people, and our suppliers and partners.

Do as I do, not as I say – we only recommend to clients the things that we would do ourselves, and we will constantly challenge ourselves to do these things as part of our own values and lives.

Follow our own Yellow Brick Road – we will always challenge the status quo to drive forward better, original thinking into what we do.

Be a bit Quirky – we know that our quirkiness not only makes us stand out in the crowd but also allows everyone in the tribe to be an individual. That individuality will also lead to great original thought.

In Oz we trust – Our trust runs deep, it’s not one of those throwaway values you see all the time about honesty and transparency, it’s about a deep trust within our tribes. Trust to do the right thing by them, to support, nurture and protect them.

Serve with Purpose – our leaders are here for one thing; to uphold our purpose and serve our tribe. We trust our tribes to get it right being guided by our purpose and values.

We’ll really put back – We’ll always try and help those who need our help the most. We will do this via our Foundation, which will be a substantial shareholder in the business and via a permanent 20% reduction in prices to all 3rd sector clients. Finally, we support anyone in the tribe who wants to exceed this.


Meet Our Team

Ian Hacon – Founder & Chief Dorothy

Chartered Accountant turned successful CEO, NED and entrepreneur. Loves smiling, never gives up, always changing, trying to save the world. Ian has over 20 years of Board level experience. Wellbeing became his calling when he transformed his own performance through wellbeing. Ian is 4 times Ironman Triathlete and has competed for Team GB 3 times.

Yellow Brick Road's Stuart Sayer

Stuart Sayer – Associate

Culture & Employee Engagement Specialist; helping People, Teams and Organisations to Generate Better Results. After a successful career in Sales and Business Development Leadership for major high street brands, Stuart has spent the last 15 years using his knowledge of how people think gained from sales environments to help people in business get the best results from their mindset.



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