Yellow Brick Road

We’re on a mission, a mission to fix the UK’s widely publicised poor productivity. Whilst the government is focused on big interventions that drive the calculation of productivity, we focus on the actual output of individual members of the team, thus increasing true productivity, and therefore organisational performance and profit.

We strongly believe that better employee engagement is the key to this conundrum. We believe the following four pillars will drive that engagement:

  1. Being part of something – being committed to clear corporate or organisational purpose
  2. Being led by great people, who are highly emotionally intelligent and understand their team members’ individual drivers
  3. Investing in their skills to make them the very best they can be, whether that’s leadership skills, technical skills, interpersonal or anything else that will make them more effective.
  4. Making sure they are in the thriving wellbeing state. This is the big prize that has been really missed.

We have ambitious plans to spread our message. If you feel you could be part of that journey, we’d love to hear from you.

The company was formed by experienced Entrepreneur and CEO, Ian Hacon, who was driven to form the company following his own personal journey.

The company is aligned with the principles of Conscious Capitalism, Shared Value and the B Team.

It will shortly be launching its own Foundation to help reach those individuals and organisations which need its support but cannot resource it.

Who Are We?

Our Vision of “Creating Future History” inspires us and the companies we work with to really think about what they are doing at this moment to make a lasting impression and change. Are you Creating Future History right now?

This originates from 2 sources of inspirational figures in history. Gandhi, who said:

“The future depends on what you do today.”

Mahatma Gandhi

And Mohamed Ali, who used this as a visualisation technique

Muhammad Ali, the world’s greatest boxer, used a visualisation technique that he liked to call ‘Future History’. It’s a very powerful technique that you can use to programme your mind for success.

The company will create value for all its core stakeholders and will always try to be balanced towards each:

  • Our Shareholders
  • Our Team members (employees)
  • Our Customers
  • Our Suppliers
  • Our Planet
  • Our Community
Our Shareholders
Always act in the best interest of the Shareholders provided we uphold all our values and are balanced towards other stakeholders

Provide our shareholders with a fair Return on Investment

Our Customers
We will love our customers develop Customer Advocacy

We will develop a fair, open and honest pricing structure

Our Team members
We will love our team members and treat as part of our family. We will support them both at work and at home

We will develop a model for Share Ownership of all team members

Our Suppliers
We will strive to ensure 90% of our purchases are either local or ethically sourced or both

Our Planet
We will ensure that our business not only work toward having no effect on the planet (Zero Carbon footprint), but we will actively contribute to the planet

Our Community
We will actively contribute to the community by engaging in community projects. We will, in particular, contribute to the following agendas;

  • Business – Contribute to Business Organisations to help change the face of business
  • Skills – Contribute to the skills agenda
  • Mental Health – promote and support awareness of mental health issues
  • Physical health – support the agenda on healthier lifestyles through diet and exercise regimes


Meet Our Team

Ian Hacon
Ian HaconFounder & Chief Dorothy
Chartered Accountant turned successful CEO and entrepreneur, loves smiling, never gives up, always changing, trying to save the world
Stuart Sayer
Stuart SayerCo-founder
Culture & Employee Engagement Specialist; helping People, Teams and Organisations to Generate Better Results
Mark Burns
Mark BurnsAssociate
‘Mark is a former public sector senior manager, turned health and wellbeing nut. He is an organisational development expert and has worked for a national consultancy, helping organisations improve health and wellbeing, increase productivity and reduce costs. Husband, dad, son and big brother, Mark is hopelessly optimistic about people! As one client put it, “We love hiring Mark because he makes everything alright”

Our Happy Clients