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“The biggest barrier to my business is me” – A Business Owner, Norfolk

 Making a serious dent in the UK’s poor productivity through energy, wellbeing and purpose

Our Lead Well Programme helps leaders and teams with their wellbeing, resiliense and physical and mental energy.

Our Purpose and planning programme helps organisations find their true meaning and strive towards that, thus ensuring fully engaged teams.





Why Choose Us

  • Ground-breaking and innovative approaches
  • Years of real business leadership experience (we’ve been in your shoes)
  • Qualified specialists on hand throughout the journey
  • We’re adaptable and flexible and always searching out new ways and ideas
  • We’re just really nice honest, honourable people trying to help
  • We’re making a real difference, not just talking about it

Customer Reviews; We Love our Customers, And They Love Us.

Ian has been a mentor and inspiration to me in my own journey of founding and developing my own charity for homeless young people. As part of that journey it was my absolute pleasure to attend his masterful breakfast sessions to assist with my own development. The Finding Yourself sessions were delivered in expert style, but in a way which made you at ease to open up, discuss experiences, stories and goals. I can’t quite do the series justice, but would go as far as to say that it should be an absolute must for any organisation of any size which wishes to develop themselves and their teams. I have got so much from these sessions personally and I would also like to say a huge thank you on behalf of one of our peer mentor young people who attended for being able to share his story with the group, Get it booked, it’s going to be massive!
I was quickly engaged by Ian Hacon and understood the direction and content of his course from week one. I am in total agreement with the methodology he is using and know that we can make great success in our lives if we do as he says and focus on our mind, body and soul. Every week, I have learned from Ian and the other delegates. I particularly like Ian’s delivery style and that he has the confidence and maturity to allow his planned sessions to take different turns as and when needed but always bringing us back to focus on the job in hand. Ian listens and responds dynamically to his delegates and makes us feel that our input is both valued and important.

My particular gain is affirmation that many people are struggling on a day to day basis with their work life balance (me included) and that there are solutions for us all if we are willing to make changes to achieve them. I have gained clarity in the last few weeks, focused more fully on what direction I am going in with my own business, my health and my well-being and overall I appreciate his energy, enthusiasm and obvious drive to guide us all on to be the best that we can be.

I recommend this course (Finding Yourself) and would like to see companies engage Ian to deliver his methodology to their employees in the workplace.

Nicole Kennedy, CEO and Founder at Natures Roots
We live in a time of rapid change and what worked ten years ago is slow and ineffective today. In fact, what worked last year is out of date at times. Having worked in training many years ago I have always been acutely aware of the changes going on in management and personal development training and looked many times at enhancing my understanding and learning more from others. Ian and his team have a very special adaptation of how we should look at this and uses highly developed systems and methodology to bring it into the 21st century. The level of human engagement and “mindfulness understanding” is of the highest order. The delivery of adapting social and welfare understanding into everyday working life is creative and easy to understand, and the meaning of what resilience really means in the workplace is the “little bit of Magic”. Thank you Ian for the guidance and understanding. No matter how good we thing we are there is always room for improvement.
Ian’s sessions help me to clarify and isolate areas in my working life which are creating hold-ups and sometimes a complete stop. I feel much more able to take a wider view of my firm and to see where cogs are stuck in the wrong place. Really very valuable to my work life balance and the smoother running of my firm.
I have been hugely impressed by the depth of detail and research together with the energy and passion Ian has shown to the subjects we have covered. The series has been delivered in a relaxed yet professional style, he has managed the group & their expectations immensely well. I have gained so much, and can highly recommend, either as an individual or as a team.

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